New Users Module: Add Folders and Tags to your Users

Before introducing you to the new Users Module, did you know Test Invite allows you to share the workload with your employees or colleagues, by creating different user accounts for your organization?

Organization user accounts are designed to facilitate agile assessment creation through collaboration and, at the same time, provide the admins tools to control operations and keep all information secure. Depending on their roles, users can create, edit and approve the publishing of questions under the Question Bank, design exams, proctor examinations and manage all Task-related activities. Even test-takers can be added as users of your organization and invited to take exams. We transformed our Users Module so you can effortlessly manage all users and accounts. 

Most of our customers love the way our Question Bank work because it is very flexible, in the sense that it allows you to store, organize and find back your questions in multiple ways by using folders and tags. We introduced the same capabilities to the users module as well. Unlike before, now you can add your users into folders and assign tags. Thanks to the querying editor, these folders and tags will let you find back the right set of users very quickly! 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Success Team by sending your inquiries to

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