online proctoring solutions

Online Proctoring Solutions

Online proctoring is a service that enables you to conduct your exam supervision remotely. There are three main types of online proctoring: live online proctoring, recorded proctoring, and automated proctoring. In live online proctoring,  the proctor monitors the participants through their webcams during the examination. In recorded proctoring, the participants’ actions are recorded through their…

Characteristics of Gen Z in the Workplace 1

Characteristics of Gen Z in the Workplace

Today we are faced with a really fast-growing population in the workforce: Children of Generation X, the followers of the Millennials, Generation Z. Composing almost %30 of the world population, Gen Z is the largest generation. It is not only large in number but also its effect on the world cannot be ignored. Their age…

employee engagement

What is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is a concept related to understanding and explaining the relationship between an organization and its employees. It usually refers to the mental and emotional side of the employees’ commitment to their work and organization. It is an approach that revolves around trust, honesty, two-way commitment and communication between an organization and its members….

Online İşe Alımlarda Dikkat Edilmesi Gerekenler

Things to Consider in Online Recruitment

While digitalization affects almost all of human life, it is possible to feel this effect in recruitment processes. In this context, it should be stated that recruitment has changed and transformed. As a brand manager or owner, are you curious about the problems that await you in online recruitment and the solutions to them? So,…

hibrit iş gücü

Hybrid Working Order in Business

The hybrid working model, which is known as a new working order in the business world, has gained importance, especially with the beginning of the pandemic. With the Covid-19 pandemic, many changes have occurred in human life. In this process, we are trying to create a different order in our lives by getting acquainted with…

İşe Alim için İngilizce Seviye Belirleme Testleri

English Assessment Tests for Recruitment

English assessment tests, also known as placement tests, are designed to evaluate the English skills of candidates, including sections such as reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, listening, writing and speaking. These tests can be used to provide proof of candidates’ competence in the language when they apply for a school abroad or simply when they need…

2021 03 05 XL should employers use personality test

Personality Inventory Tests

The name is given to the self-assessment tests which evaluate the strengths and weaknesses  of the test takers. It provides information about the candidates’ social skills, motivations, strengths and weaknesses as well as attitudes all of which play an important role in the individuals’ career, achievements and happiness. Individuals can pay attention to what their…

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Online Quiz Making with Test Invite

Quiz makers come in all forms. Some are made to check on students’ or employees’ performance while some are basically used for psychology or marketing tests. With the intent of making the whole process easier, the software community has come up with online tools for assessment. This article is focused on our tool, Test Invite,…


Introduction to General Ability Tests

General aptitude tests used in the recruitment processes basically allow you to evaluate the innate, learned, or acquired abilities of individuals regarding performing specific tasks. Basic abilities such as learning speed, adaptation, and reasoning skills are regularly measured and tangible data about the abilities and weaknesses of the individual is obtained. General aptitude tests, also…