Cloning Existing Tests

What’s new?

With the v8.3.3, Test Invite Exam Software has implemented a cloning tool for tests. This tool will save significant amount of time for users who want to create multiple tests with slight variations.

How to use it

In the Tests menu, each test has a 3-dot menu button on the left-hand side. Clicking on it will reveal the list of available actions including Clone.

In the test library, available actions for each test can be viewed by clicking on the 3 dot menu on the left-hand side
Available actions for each test

Clicking on Clone will create a prompt where the user can write a title for the cloned test, or leave it as it is, then confirm by clicking on Clone again.

When cloning a test, you can choose a new title
Test Cloning Prompt

The cloned test will now appear in the test library with the same questions, pages, sections, content, timers and settings as the original test.