English Assessment Tests for Recruitment

English assessment tests, also known as placement tests, are designed to evaluate the English skills of candidates, including sections such as reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, listening, writing and speaking. These tests can be used to provide proof of candidates’ competence in the language when they apply for a school abroad or simply when they need to get employed. For that, it is of great importance to take an internationally recognized test. In this article, we are going to introduce you with our comprehensive English Assessment Tests that are used in the recruitment process of companies, namely GELT and GESWE.

What Kind of Placement Tests are Designed?

Different skill areas require different proficiency tests. For this, we have two types of English Assessment Tests which you can use together or independently. As you can guess, measuring language proficiency can be highly complicated. To make this process less complicated and more effective, we developed skill-specific tests, each assessing different skills. 

Global English Level Test (GELT ®)

GELT, short for the Global English Level Test, is designed to measure the English levels of non-native adult candidates using multiple-choice questions. There are 80 of them and the duration is 45 minutes. There is a lot of questions in the question bank making sure every candidate gets different questions simultaneously. GELT measures language skill areas such as grammar, vocabulary, reading, and listening comprehension. Candidates can take the exam up to 11 times, of course with different questions each time. It is needless to say that grading is done automatically since the questions are multiple-choice questions. 

Global English Speaking & Writing Exam (GESWE ®)

GESWE, short for Global English Speaking and Writing Exam, is designed for non-native adult candidates to specifically assess their speaking and writing skills. There are two writing and two speaking questions and the duration is 42 minutes. The speaking section includes monologues instead of two-way communication. The candidate is expected to answer the questions in 10 minutes and speak at least for 4 minutes. Fluency and pronunciation are the main things that are focused. In the writing section, candidates are expected to write 3 paragraphs for each essay in a well-structured manner. The test can be retaken up to 10 times with different questions each time. Lastly, the grading is evaluated by qualified English teachers 

Areas of Use

Your company can use our English Assessment Tests to hire qualified employees for the positions that require a good level of English. They are especially useful and practical in mass recruitment processes thanks to the multi-variation testing structure. They are also used to get a promotion or international placements of the company. 

Another area where our placement tests are used in education. Educational institutions and language schools use both GELT and GESWE for distant assessments, for both selection and placement. They can be used to measure the progress of English learners as well. 

What are the Language Levels?

There are six different language levels decided by the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for Languages shown in the table below.

Test ScoreLevel
0-11A1 Beginner
12-28A2 Elementary
29-46B1 Pre-Intermediate
47-65B2 Intermediate
66-84C1 Upper-Intermediate
85-100C2 Advanced 

To give further information, we can say that at the beginner level the speaker understands very basic phrases and expressions and interacts with people in a really simple way. Elementary-level speakers can understand frequently used expressions and use them in conversations. When we move on to the B levels, pre-intermediate users can interact with people in most situations and can understand the main points of a conversation. They can also make descriptions of things around them. Intermediate speakers can understand more complex topics, including abstract ones. They can explain issues in detail. Lastly, C levels are what we call proficient English users. They are quite fluent, flexible, and spontaneous when they speak. They can make well-structured sentences and they can express themselves precisely.

Are these Tests Safe, Reliable and Valid?

Our online language assessment software is highly secure since it provides you with the opportunity to supervise the candidates by monitoring and recording their screen activity. It also limits the screen activity by blocking people taking the exam from using other applications or changing windows during the test. You can customize the security settings as you wish! We have all the anti-cheating features in the world! You can create a question pool and shuffle their order, including sections and options. You can restrict navigating forward and backward as well as determine how the candidates can access the test by setting usernames, passwords, PIN codes, invitation codes or simply you can let them access the test with their ID or student number. You can also limit the number of times the test can be taken.

 Also, our tests always give consistent and accurate results, making them very reliable. They are globally recognized and used in English assessment processes. Not only companies but also schools, educational institutions, language schools, and even universities utilize our test to assess their candidates’ English proficiency levels, including the processes of application and selection. Our tests reflect the accurate levels of candidates by 96.43% so we can assure you that they are highly qualified and reliable. We do what we claim and our tests really fit for their purpose. 

Analysis of Test Results for Recruitment

What do test results tell a recruiter? Although expert English teachers evaluate the Online English Tests, they cannot make a hiring decision. At this point, assessment methods have been considered rather than the overall score of the test. If the job description of a vacant position includes English presentations or phone calls, your candidate’s speaking and listening scores should prioritize the selection. If the job requires frequent mailing or chatting, having a good score in reading and writing should be your main criteria. If you know exactly what you need, it will be easier for you to make an accurate decision regardless of the exam results.

How can you get prepared before you take the English Assessment Test?

First, start with relieving your anxiety and avoiding stress. This is the key to reaching your full potential. Then, get informed about the skills that will be assessed with the test. This is crucial because you need to understand which skills the test is actually measuring before starting to study. Is it grammar? Reading? Writing? Maybe speaking? After deciding what you need to focus on, you can make a proper plan. You should learn more about the test structure and question formats. It is really important to become familiar with the format since it will help you feel more comfortable as well as do better when you take the test. Lastly, we recommend you just keep practicing. Practice makes perfect, that is a fact and obviously, do not start studying a day before the test.

You can solve the English Placement Exam tests that Test Invite has prepared for you free of charge and test yourself.