Ensure That Matches Left Blank in Exams Automatically Affect the Success Rate

As you know, you can create matching questions in the TEST INVITE Test System. In matching questions, the user matches each item with one of the options given. If the user makes the correct matching, the success rate he/she will get from the question increases.

However, you may experience situations where the user does not make any matches (leave blank) for an item. Now, when you encounter such a situation, you will be able to use the newly added Determining the Success Effect Rate of the Item Left Blank feature to enable the non-matching items to automatically affect the user’s success rate in a negative or positive way. 


Let us explain how to use the Success Effect Rate of the Item Left Blank feature over an example.


Let us prepare a matching question in which we want countries to be matched with the capitals.

For example, let our items be 3 countries: France, Germany and Italy.

We add 3 countries as the items of the matching question.

Let us add 3 capitals to the Common Option Pool: Paris, Berlin and Rome. 

We add 3 capitals to the common option pool.

Let us assume that the candidate makes a matching for the items France and Germany, but not for the item Italy.

Matching has been done for items 1 and 2. Item 3 has been left blank.

As we can see, the user has not made any matching for the item Italy. If we want the success rate of the user to be automatically affected in a positive or negative way, we use the Success Effect Rate of the Item Left Blank Feature for the item Italy.

We define the item left blank as “false” and set a negative success effect rate of -33% for the item.

Using the Success Effect Rate of the Item Left Blank feature, we wanted the item to be described as “false” if no match was made for the item Italy, and we determined a negative success effect rate of -33% for the item.

Thus, the user will receive the success effect rate determined by the Automatic Scoring Rule from these items according to the matches he/she made for France and Germany item. However, since he/she did not make any match for the item Italy, it will be identified as “false” and will receive a negative success effect rate. In this case, the user’s success rate will drop as much as the designated negative success effect rate.

You can add Side Effect to non-matched item as well as determining success effect rate.

We add the General Knowledge category to the blank item as a Side Effect and if the user does not make a match for the item, we determine the user’s score from this category to be –5.

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