Fix Header and Timer to the top of test panels

What’s new?

In Test Invite Assessment Software, the test headers can now be fixed to the top of the test pages. The test header contains the title and remaining time of the test, section and page that the candidate is currently working on. This option will help candidates finish and submit their work on time, and generally pace themselves.

How to use it

This option can be found by clicking on the gear icon in test editing page.

General settings of a test can be opened by clicking on the gear icon on the corresponding line

The option can be enabled by checking the “Fix test header (titles and timers)” box in the window.

In test editing page, test creators can choose to fix test header to the top of page

When the header is fixed to the top, it will stay at the top of the page despite the scrolling by candidates.

Test screen with the timers and titles fixed to the top