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About video records on proctoring?

You may have several questions about videos on proctoring function. You may find our answers to all of your possible questions within this article.

1. The video quality is very high on the exam takers screen, but very poor on my screen (as the administrator). Can this be fixed?

Our aim is to conduct secure and uninterrupted online exams. We want to put the minimum amount of CPU & bandwidth effort on the person taking a test, that’s why the admin can only see a very low quality version of the video. Generally these videos are only to understand if the user is alone, etc.

2. The video that the administrator received was delayed by at least one minute. Can this be improved? 

The system works as follows: All videos are 1-minute long and during a 60-min exam, you’ll have 60 videos (each 1-min long) of each test taker in total. 

When you proctor candidates live, first the video will be saved on our servers then will be served to the administrator. Meaning there will always be between 1 and 1:30 minute gap. 

3. Can the video of a test taker be downloaded and saved? If so, how? 

Yes, you can save a video.

Please go to the personal report & open Monitoring tab to list all saved videos of your candidate. Then please click on the three dots on the bottom right side of the video bar. And choose download.

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