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Exam Processes for Everyone

You can set an exam process in a way that it is accessible to everyone. An exam process that is arranged in this way will not require any recognition information from the candidate in order to participate in the exam and will accept everyone to the exam.

In this way, you can share an exam address in any environment and make it possible for anyone to access the exam.


  • Active: to enable/disable access to Task
  • Price (USD): to set a fee to pay when an Applicant wants to take the Task,
  • Active After: the Task will be accessible after this date.
  • Active Before: the Task will not be accessible after this date.
  • If an Applicant has started/accessed the Task before this date, they will be allowed to access again to complete their Exams even after the Active Before date.

Authentication Method

You can set how the Applicant should authenticate when accessing your Task.

No Authentication:

  • The Exam is open to everyone.
  • Anyone who has the Task Link can take the Exam.
  • Different rooms are created for each Applicant.


Task Link like the one below will be created for a Task with No Authentication. Everyone who has this link can access the Task and take the Exams without the need of proving their ID.

By Invitation Code:

  • Only those who have a special invitation code can take the Exam.
    • You can create the Invitation Code from the Tickets tab.
  • Each Invitation Code is unique. 1 Room will be created for 1 Invitation Code.
    • You must create unique Invitation Codes for all Applicants separately.
  • By simply clicking the link with the Invitation Code, Applicants can start/access the Task directly without a secondary login.


Task Link without an Invitation Code attached to it:

Task Link with an Invitation Code (asdfgh) attached to it:

If more than one person attempts to log in with the same code, they will all be directed to the same room.

By Asking 1 Credential:

  • Applicants login with a code that you assign to them.
  • For instance, Applicants can log in with their ID number, Surname, etc.
  • When creating Tickets, you must create them in accordance with this.


Username field can be anything you assign to them, like their ID number, Student number, etc.

By Asking 2 Credentials:

  • Applicants log in with the username and password you assigned to them.
  • If you want Users from your Organization to login with their accounts, you must choose this method.
  • By filling the required fields in Tickets, you can also let non-Users to login by the Credentials you assign to them.
  • When creating Tickets, you must create them in accordance with this.


Applicants may be users of your organization.

Data Gathering Form

You can gather information from the Applicants before they start the Exam by filling forms you create in Data Gathering Form section.

If you check the required box, then filling the form will be mandatory. This means that Applicants will not be able to start the Exam(s) before filling the form.

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