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Adding Questions to the Exam

Although TestInvite exam platform supports the question bank, not all questions you add to the exams have to be included in the question bank. You can create new questions in an exam as you wish. The question you create in an exam will not be included in the question bank. Therefore, the TestInvite Exam Platform gives you the opportunity to work in two ways when preparing your exams:

  1. You can use the questions you want repeatedly in the exams by saving them to the question bank.
  2. You can create the questions you want to use in a single exam directly in the exam without adding them to them question bank.

Unlike the questions that you add to the exam from the question bank, a question created in one exam cannot be reused in another exam. If you plan to use a question repeatedly in many exams, adding the question to the question bank simplifies your work and reduces your chance to make mistakes.

If you think you will use it in only one exam, it is preferable to create a question directly within the exam as it is more practical.

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