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Automatic Page Builder

The Automatic Page Builder allows you to generate pages automatically, choosing randomized questions from a Question Pool. The first step is to create the Question Pool then, the number of questions selected will be distributed randomly in a given number of pages.

To add an Automatic Page Builder to a section, click the  icon at the bottom of the section in the Exam Builder Editor and click the Automatic Page Builder from the drop-down menu.

The Automatic Page Builder works very similar to the Random Question Selector we’ve seen on the Page Editor page before. The only difference is the Number of Pages to be created and, if you prefer, the ability to set a Time Limit and determine the number of seconds that will be given for each question.

  • Step 1: Create a Question Pool: click “Select Questions” to select and add any questions from your Question Bank. The Selected Questions tab shows the Questions In The Question Pool.
  • Step 2: Determine how many questions will be randomly selected from this pool of questions.
  • Step 2: Specify the Number of Pages to Build. This way, the questions we identified in Step 2 are presented on the number of pages we have now determined.
  • Step 4: If you want the system to set an Automatic Time Limit for each page, determine how many seconds you want each question to last. Thus, the system will automatically calculate the time limit for the page. For example, if a page has 4 questions and we set the Time Limit per question to 1 minute, the system sets the time limit for the created page to 4 minutes.

Advanced Settings

Keep Points and Dimensions as are

  • If selected, the Points And Dimensions of the questions are added to the exam as their default values in the question bank.
  • If not selected, the system asks you to specify Points and Dimensions for all questions. In this case, it is guaranteed that the Points and Dimensions of all the questions will be the same.

Keep Folders and tags as are

  • If selected, the folder and tag values for the questions remain the same.
  • If not selected, the system asks you to specify valid folders and tags for all questions.
  • Note: the folder and tag values of the questions only affect reporting.
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