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Evaluation of open-ended questions: How to add reviews?

You may have open-ended (subjective) questions that you need to evaluate after your test takers complete their exams. If your aim is only to give a score to those questions; you can get more information about evaluating open-ended questions.

In some cases, you may be willing to add reviews to those questions, either for internal communication or for disclosing those review notes to your test takers. In this article, we will be giving details about how you can add review to open-ended (input) questions.


Reviews can only be added to input type of questions.
You can’t add reviews on multiple choice and matching questions since they don’t have this option available.

Let’s start:

You need to follow below steps:

  • Please go to your TASKS menu and select your Task from the menu by clicking on the pen icon.
  • Go to the Results tab into your Task editor and fetch results.
  • Select the test taker whose answers you want to evaluate from the list of results.
List of Results
  • Click on Report to see the full report.
Individual Report page
  • On the upper menu, navigate to the ANSWERS tab.
  • Select a page from the left menu and find question(s) you want to evaluate.

The pen icon:

The pen icon next to a page indicates questions waiting for evaluation.

  • Click on the small arrow under the manual evaluation score box.
  • Select REVIEW from the upper tabs and write your review on the text box.
  • You can then check the DISPLAY box if you want your test takers to see your review

How to Display:

You can always display your test takers’ digital test papers under: Task Editor > Task tab > Step Settings > Feedback Options

  • Please don’t forget to SAVE your changes.

Please note that, only one Review box will be available. If you have multiple evaluators, all evaluators will be able to add notes but they will also see each others’ reviews as well.

“Modified x times” will show how many times the REVIEW area has been updated.

Don’t Forget!

Once you are done with your evaluation, please don’t forget to click on UPDATE EVALUATION button on the left side bar.

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Happy evaluations…

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