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Exam Editor Features Overview

Test Invite Exam Editor allows you to prepare both simple and advanced exams step-by-step with the same ease.

The exam editor, which runs completely via online interface, automatically saves the changes at every action you make while preparing the exam.

Online Exam Preparer works integrated with the question bank. In this way, you can quickly add questions from your question bank to your exams and create exams in a short time.

Online Exam Editor provides you with all the options that will enable implementing professional – highly complex designed exams.

  • You can divide the exams you prepare into sections.
  • You can define time limit for the sections and pages of the exam.
  • You can set the rules for the user to go back and forth during the exam separately for each section.
  • You can ensure that the sections, pages and questions are mixed for anyone taking the exam.
  • You can add questions from the question bank.
  • You can arrange random questions to be selected from the question bank for anyone taking the exam.
  • You can make it obligatory to answer the questions you want.
  • You can add rich content such as pictures, audio and video to the exam.
  • You can weight the scores of exam questions.
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