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How to implement Lockdown Exam Browser and prevent a user from visiting other tabs, windows or apps?

To enable the Lockdown Exam Browser hence, the Fullscreen Mode:

  • Visit the TASK’S STEP for which you want to activate the Fullscreen Mode, and click the blue pen button .
  • Scroll down and open the Secure Exam Browser menu.
  • Set the rules for the Fullscreen Enforcement :
    • Limit No. of Violations: How many times the user can attempt to exit the Fullscreen Mode.
    • Limit seconds per violation: How many seconds the user can exit the Fullscreen Mode during each alert.
    • Limit seconds of total violation: The total number of seconds the user can exit the Fullscreen Mode before the system ends the exam.

Not every Fullscreen Enforcement Violation is a definitive indication of inappropriate behavior. Pop-ups and system alerts for emails or updates can be some of the reasons the Fullscreen Mode is exited without the test-taker’s knowledge.

System alerts when a user attempts to exit the Fullscreen Mode

Test Invite does not track what application or website the user may have been looking at during the seconds they exit the Fullscreen Mode. Enabling Screen Recording allows proctors to see exactly what the test-takers were looking at throughout the exam.

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