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If a candidate missed a section of the test, can I ask them to go back to the test and complete it?

Yes, it is possible to re-setup the exam and allow your candidate or student to continue with an interrupted exam. Check the following video to see the process. Do not forget to read the detailed instructions below:


  • Go to the RESULTS tab (1) and select the user for whom you want to reactivate access. Click on the SCORE (2) and next click on REPORT (3), and finally click on RE-SETUP EXAM (4), located in the upper right corner.
resetup results
resetup results report
resetup exam button
  • The Exam Reinstating Editor shows which sections and pages the user visited and answered. In the example below, we want the user to be able to resume the exam and answer only section 4. In this case, we will uncheck the box in the Lock column, and select the Starting Page by clicking on the flag. You can also give extra time by editing the Time Limit box in the respective column.
resetup exam flag
  • Once the resume page has been selected, scroll up to ASSISTANT. The Assistant shows the time the candidate has spent on each page, section, and the entire test. If you want the candidate to continue with the time left, open the assistant (A), and click APPLY (B).


IMPORTANT: If you want to give extra time to the student, edit the Time Limix Box of the respective page and/or section only after applying the changes to the Assistant.

resetup assistant

When you have completed your changes, do not forget to click on the SAVE button at the bottom of the screen.

  • The status of the user in the RESULTS tab will change, as seen in the screenshot below.
  • You can now ask your candidate or student to access the exam again, using the same exam link and login credentials.
Preview of the user’s window.

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