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When you sign-up for a new account with Test Invite, the system automatically creates a new Admin Account and a new Organization. Every user, question, exam and task is saved under this organization. Organizations allow you to create content and design examination processes together with your coworkers.

Characteristics of an Admin Account

  • Add new users to the organization, with different roles: Manager, Editor, Proctor, among others.
  • Add questions to the Question Bank.
  • Design and edit exams processes.
  • Invite applicants to these processes.
  • After the completion of processes, import results, reports and other technical information.

Organization Hierarchy

  • Every Admin Account is the owner of one Organization.
  • Each organization has:
    • Users
    • Questions
    • Exams
    • Tasks

How it works

  • Users (of an Organization -according to their Role-):
    • Can create or edit questions.
    • Can create or edit exams.
    • Can create or edit Tasks and Exam processes.
    • Regular users can be invited to take exams.
  • Questions:
    • All questions can be saved under the Question Bank.
    • Questions under the Question Bank can be added later to one or more Exams.
    • Each question can be edited and deleted.
  • Exams:
    • Exams can browse the questions in the Question Bank, and add them to different pages of an Exam.
    • Questions can be created directly for a particular exam (this questions will not be saved under the Question Bank)
    • Exams can be edited and deleted.
  • Tasks:
    • Allow you to manage exam processes.
    • Set access method, supervision settings, instructions for candidates, among others.
    • Allow you to invite applicants or users from your organization to take the exams.
    • During the exam, you can instantly check:
      • the exact page and section that the applicant is browsing
      • which question was last answered by the applicant
      • proctor candidates (if requited settings have been enabled), and watch the live videos or photo feeds.
    • After the exam, you can instantly check:
      • the success (score) of each applicant.
      • watch the video or photo records.
      • export questions, answers and results of an exam to use it in your Office spreadsheet applications.

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