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Exam Rooms

An Exam Room is created for each user who enters the Task.

The Exam Rooms created can be accessed by clicking on the ROOMS tab of the relevant task.

You can adjust the following options by clicking on the icon , at the level of the relevant Exam Room:

  • Settings
  • Logs
  • Access Link

Room Settings

In Room Settings

  • You can close the room and prevent the user from going further in the process.
  • As we have seen in the Ticket Settings before, we can make customizations at each Task Step (exam).

For example, in the following Exam Room, we limit the number of accesses to the Reasoning Test to 2. This way, the user present in this room will be able to access this particular exam 2 times.

Listing of the Rooms

You can narrow down the rooms to be listed by selecting the following options:

  • By setting the date range (1)
  • By typing one of the following (2):
    • Display Name
    • E-mail Address
    • Credential 1 (  if you have selected one credential information as authentication method)
    • Invitation Code
    • Group Name
      • As we saw in the Exam Process Management section, when creating Tickets, it is possible to write the name of a group. If we have defined a Group Name on the Ticket, the Exam Rooms will be associated with the same group. You can quickly find the rooms of a specific group by typing the group name in the Filter field.
  • Clicking on the NEXT button lists the rooms that are appropriate to your selections. You can set the number of rooms to be listed from the Batch Size. If the Next button is still active after the system has listed the rooms according the number of rooms you have determined as Batch Size, it means that there are more rooms to load according to your preferences. You can also list the remaining rooms by clicking the Next button again.
  • With these 2 filtering features, we can determine which rooms will be listed. Additionally, you can use the Batch Filter to search among the rooms listed according to your preferences. For example, by typing a user’s e-mail, invitation, code, credential 1, display name or group name etc. into the Batch Filter, you can search for a specific user or users among the listed rooms.
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