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Where to find Organization ID, Task ID and Integration Key?

A significant portion of Test Invite API services are designed for you to get information about a specific Task of a specific Organization. Therefore, API requests to our endpoint are expected to have 3 pieces information to be present in the request body: Organization ID, Task ID and Integration Key. For more information or questions, you can refer to the API documentation, or reach out to us at

The organization ID can be found at the top of the Organization page.

organization id
Organization id at the top of Organization page

The Task can be found by going to Tasks page, selecting Edit on a task, and scrolling down in the Task tab. It is located at the bottom right of the tab.

task id
Task id at the bottom of Task tab

The Integration Key for a Task can be found by switching to Access tab while editing a task, and scrolling down. Clicking on the spy icon will reveal the key.

task integration key
Task integration key revealed
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