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There are no extra charges or hidden fees in Test Invite.

Only the following processes are charged:

  • Sending Exam invites to Applicants by Test Invite E-mail system
  • Whenever an Applicant starts to an Exam
  • Video or Photo surveillance for Exam Security

For all processes listed above your account is charged from your System Credits.

Credits that are used in Test Invite Marketplace are separate from your System Credits

System Credits are your balance that is used in transactions in Test Invite.

From the System Credits section, you can:

  • Follow your account’s System Credits balance movements (Transactions page).
  • Add more System Credits to your account (Buy Credits Page).

Marketplace for Professional Exams

From the Test Invite Marketplace, you can buy professional prepared Exams to test the skills and knowledge of your Applicants.

Test Invite Marketplace uses a separate Credit System apart from System Credits.

Each Test Invite Marketplace Exam has its own unique Credit apart from each other.

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