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How to submit a question into the Question Bank? How to approve submitted questions or ask for a revision? The whole question submission and approval process explained.

An organization user who is given the role of question submitter can create questions and submit these question to request ” inclusion to the question bank.” The question subbmitter is not authorized to add the questions he/she has created to the question bank.

To give an organization user the role of a question submitter::

  • From the Menu click to Organization Button,
  • On the opened page, click on the Users box,
  • Users page will open,
  • In the Users Page, find the User you want to give the role of question submitter,
  • Click on the 3 dots button in the same line,
  • Click on the Edit button on the popup menu.
  • On the opened screen, choose the question submitter role for the user and save.

How does the Question Submitter submits a question into the Question Bank?

When the user in the role of question submitter logs in using your Organization’s Unique Web Address and creates a question, he/she can keep this question as draft or can submit the question to request “inclusion to the question bank.”

After the question submitter has created a question, he/she must select DRAFT or SUBMİT from the STATE pop-up menu at the top of the screen to determine which state this question will have and then save the question.

Also question submitter can group the questions he/she has created and write additional explanation about the questions using the Message text area. The message is saved together with the related question. The person who will evaluate the question for approval can see these messages.

Draft questions and revision requested questions are located in the Working Directory section of question submitter account interface. Question submitter can edit these questions.

Approved, rejected and submitted questions are located in the Submissions section of the question submitter account interface. Question submitter can no longer edit these questions.

Along with the organization admin, organization users who are assigned the role of manager, editor or question bank supervisor have the authority to approve, reject, request for revision and delete the questions submitted by the question submitter. Approved questions are added to the related folder in the Question Bank.

When the question submitter creates a question and saves it by selecting the SUBMİT option from the State drop-down menu, the question is sent to the Submissions section in the Question Bank. By clicking “SUBMİSSİONS”, you can see the submitted questions.

Submission section of the question bank

To select an action on the submitted questions check the boxes on the left side of the questions and select the action you want.

Selecting an action on submitted questions.

If you want, you can organize the folders and tags of the questions you are going to approve, or you can keep the folders and tags as they are and add extra tags.

Adding extra tags to the submitted question that you approve.

If you are going to reject the question or request to be revised, you can write the reason for this in the message section and send it to the question submitter.

You can edit the submitted question by clicking the pencil icon. The edited question keeps remaining in the Submissions section unless you choose an action and apply it.

Editing the questions in the submission section of the question bank.

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