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Questions with Audio/Video

Adding Image, Audio, Video Files to the Question

You can add:

  • Picture
  • Audio file
  • Video file
  • YouTube video (with embed URL address)
  • File

to your multiple choice questions or open-ended questions. You can add related files by entering the Web address (URL) or uploading them directly.

While you are playing the audio and video files you uploaded, you can determine for the user:

  • if he/she has permission to stop
  • if he/she has permission to run back and forth
  • how many times he/she can play

Prepare questions that measure different competencies

Adding picture, audio, video or file allows you to prepare questions that fit many competence measurements.

  • Listening Questions for foreign language exams, call center exams, sales exams etc.
  • Attention and Memory Questions for General Ability Exams.
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