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Exam Logs

The Exam Logs provide detailed information about what happens during an exam.

If the participant says that something went wrong during the exam and therefore had to leave the session, this information can be corroborated through the exam logs.

For example, the user may say that they could not continue after the 2nd page of the exam on the grounds that the internet was cut off. However, it may be revealed in the logs that the user viewed all the pages but did not reply.

The following information about the participant is available:

  • The time they started the exam.
  • Sections and pages displayed, when and how many times these were displayed.
  • The number of times and the exact time the questions were answered.
Exam logs show the candidate's actions during the exam with timestamps
  • The actions that disrupted the full-screen lock.
  • Information on video recordings and photo shoots made via webcam.
  • Problems the user encountered during the exam and detected by the system.
  • Other useful information is recorded.
Monitoring functions, full-screen violations, and and client or system errors will be logged.

This way, comprehensive information about what the user experienced during the exam can be obtained.

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