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Reinstating Exams (Re-Setup)

If the user had to leave the exam midway for some reason, you can reinstate the exam so that the user can continue from where they left off or from a Section and Page that you specify.

Browsing the Exam Logs before reinstating the exam will give you detailed information about what’s going on during the exam.

To reinstate the exam, scroll to the report page for the exam and click the RE-SETUP EXAM tab in the upper right corner. The Exam Reinstating Editor opens.

The Exam Reinstating Editor shows which sections and pages the person viewed and answered.

You can set which sections and pages the person can re-access in the exam.

It is shown which sections and pages are locked according to the settings of the exam. If you wish, you can unlock the locked sections and pages and allow the person to access them again.

When you re-setup the exam, you can re-set the time limits of the sections and pages.

After you have made the necessary settings to Reinstate The Exam, select the Start Page in the most recent column of the table and click SAVE.

After the exam is re-established, the user can continue the exam by accessing the exam again with the same method they used before.

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