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Reporting Name

Displaying Questions in Reports

It may not be efficient to display questions as they are, particularly in exporting and reporting.

  1. If a question or option includes picture, audio file, video file, etc., the question or the option may become unrecognizable when the relevant files (Example: if the option consists of an image only) are removed. In this way, it may not be possible to identify the problem or the option in the reports.
  2. If the question or the option contains a long or formatted text, it can take up a lot of space in the report and exporting.

For such cases, a “reporting name” (short name) may be given to the question. Questions and options that are given a reporting name are displayed with “reporting names” in reports and exports.

This feature can also be used for the options in multiple-choice questions to textualize the relevant option. For example, if the option is a shape, a text can be entered as “reporting name” to represent the shape. (For example, “bird”). With this method, the choice of the candidate can be obtained as a text equivalent.

Finally, this feature can also be used as FOREIGN ID / EXTERNAL ID for integrations with third party software. For example, if a question or an option has a UNIQUE ID in a 3rd party system, the relevant UNIQUE ID can be transferred as “reporting name”, which can then be used for integration.

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