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Reports Features Overview

Online Exam Results and Reports

Test Invite provides detailed reports at every stage of the online exam process, giving you access to all necessary information about the process stages, what happened during the exam and exam results. In this way, you can make timely and correct interventions by having the necessary feedback at every stage of the process.

The following steps are reported separately to ensure full control over an exam process:

  • Emailing of exam invitations and tracking of emails: Delivery, opening and clicking information of emails.
  • Reporting those who entered the exam process: Who, when, how (with which ticket) entered?
  • Reporting those who started the exam: Who started which exam and when?
  • Live reporting during the exam: Who is on which exam, on which section & page, and how many questions so far have answered?
  • Displaying live video and photo images during the exam
  • Reporting those who finish the exam: who finished which exam and when?
  • Exam results: Who got what score from which exam? Scores of section, page and dimension.
  • Reporting the answers to the questions asked in the exam: Who answered which question and what did they answer?
  • Reporting of open-ended questions waiting for evaluation.
  • Displaying reports for each exam at the end of the exam. (Which page was displayed how many times and when?) How much time did the candidates spend on which section and page?
  • Access to the videos and photos recorded during the exam.
  • Exporting the exam results: exporting exam scores, section scores and question/answer pairs in CSV, HTML, or JSON file format.

Candidates who participate in an exam process can be pre-labeled. For example, you can give an A1 label to one group of candidates and an A2 label to another group. The labels you have given will appear in the reports. This way allows you to divide candidates into groups and then evaluate the reports with this information.

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