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Step-by-step starting process of an exam accessed with one credential


No matter what operating system your computer has, take the exam using one of the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

1) Open the exam invitation e-mail sent to you by your organization that contains your access information about the exam you are going to take.

2) When you open the e-mail, you will see a content similar to the one below. In the mail, you will have your name, the title of the test you will take and URL address of the test. In addition, your organization may have added “Exam Link” button to the mail, which functions the same as the URL address of the test.

image 1
Email invitation

3) Click on the test URL or the “Exam Link” button. On the opened page enter your credential (email, student number, etc.) and click on the CONTINUE button.

image 3
Welcome page: type your credential

4) When you enter your credential and click on the CONTINUE button, you will encounter with “Test Instructions” page similar to the picture below. Read the instructions carefully and then click the START button.

Test instructions page

5) When you click the START button, the system asks you to confirm that you are about to start the exam. Click on the “I CONFIRM” button to proceed.

6) Once you click the START button, the online exam system checks whether you have access to the Cloud Internet before starting the exam. If you cannot pass this step, it means the internet network in which the device is included does not allow access to the cloud.

Cloud Access Permission

How to know if my device is restricted for Cloud Access?

Some company internet networks do not allow access to cloud internet. To find out if there is such a limitation on your own internet (or device), try opening the link below with any browser. If you can view the Test Invite logo, it means there are no restrictions on access to the cloud internet.
Here is the LINK

7) After passing the Cloud Internet Access Control step, the system let you into your test and you will be seeing your first test page / question.


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