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Session Information

On the second tab, INFORMATION of the Exam Result Report, information about the exam session is shown.

Exam Results window includes 6 tabs containing various information about the test session, candidate information, answers and more.

This information includes:

  • When the exam was started
  • When the exam was completed
  • How long the exam lasted
  • Exam Settings for the related exam in the Exam Process Management
  • User information
  • Information about the device used by the participant while taking the exam.

Page Views Tab

This section displays:

  • How many times and when the user viewed the test, and each section and page within.
  • The total number of questions and number of questions answered on each page.
Page Views tab shows how many times the overall test, each section, and each page was viewed. The tab also shows the total number of questions in each, and how many of them are answered by the candidate

Logs Tab

This section lists all the detailed logs recorded during the exam.

See the logs from the exam browser for each candidate. It includes candidate answering questions, moving to next page, submitting answers, closing out the test and more
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