Definition Banks

When preparing questions, organizations can choose to implement extra score calculation methods by using dimensions for questions, and side effects for answer choices. For each question, administrators needed to type in the name of the dimension and how many points to be added for the dimension when candidates get correctly answer the question. Similarly, administrators needed to type the names of side effects and their respective points for each answer option.

What’s new?

With the v8.3.63 update, Test Invite has created a new system for preparing, storing and managing dimension and side effect names for extra score calculations. Administrators can now create Definition Banks, where they can build dimension and effect trees. With tree formats, items can be nested under on another for multiple levels.

editing effect in definition bank
Editing side effects in definition bank

Once administrators can create their bank(s), they can then fetch the items from their banks when creating or editing their questions. This way, administrators mitigate possible errors, and make sure all the questions and choices have the same dimensions and effects associated with them respectively.

choosing effect from definition bank
Choosing effect from definition bank for a choice