New Filtering Options in Task Results

What’s new?

With the v8.3.45 update, Test Invite has implemented a new filtering system in Results tab of tasks. Now, in the new filtering system, there are two modes, one for making aggregate searches by using several parameters to find many tickets, and the other mode for searching by unique information to find specific results.

In the aggregate search mode, results can be filtered by Dates, Groups, Folders, Labels, Steps, Status, and Flag (Termination reason and Served percentage).

task result filter aggregate search
Task result filter – aggregate search

In the direct search mode, results can be filtered by Display Name, E-mail, Invitation Code, Credential 1 and Session ID. These parameters are aimed to find just one or relatively small number of results. This mode will be useful when trying to quickly address small issues concerning one or a couple candidates.

task result filter direct search
Task result filter – direct search