Exam time limits can be set by using “Minute” unit

In an assessment process, there can be time limits for every component. Tests and exams can have a time limit; as well as their individual sections, pages, questions etc.

Up to the version 8.0.15 of the Test Invite Exam Software the administrator could only set up the time limits by using seconds as a unit. Now, we provide the option of using “Minute” as the unit of time limit.

Using seconds is very precise. But if you are in the middle of an examination process and you would like to re-setup an exam of a student; you certainly don’t want to make calculations. In these “emergency” situations using minutes is more handy.

With the latest version of the assessment software, you can use both the Minute and Second as the unit of time when setting up any kind of time limit:

Click the icon on the write to change the unit of time from minute to second and vice versa: