Online Exam Proctoring

With digital exams increasing in number, the security of these exams has become a crucial issue so we have explained the concept of online exam proctoring, which has come into our lives recently, in order to provide surveillance during the exam and to ensure the safety of the exam in every way. 

What is Online Exam Proctoring?

Online proctoring systems are basically regulations that remotely perform many tasks that a real supervisor does. In addition to the basic proctoring such as exam duration check and identity control, there are features that limit the use of computers according to the exam rules. Likewise, it provides you with both live tracking and video recording including the screen activity. 

How do the Online Proctoring Systems Work?

First of all, with the online monitoring system, it allows you to determine all the limits of the exam. You can limit who can take the exam, how they take it, the duration of each question specifically. You can ask random questions from a common pool and minimize the chances of cheating by mixing the order of the questions or answers. With the screen and video recording, you can supervise the exam live or go back and check again later in case of need. By restricting the user from using external programs, you can prevent possible cheating attempts. With Test Invite, you can organize digital exams and access all these features mentioned above in the safest way. 

What are the Advantages of Online Proctoring?

To begin with, it is very useful for the candidates who take the exam. Instead of being in a certain location at a certain time, they can take the exam anywhere they want at the intervals set by the exam provider. In this way, candidates can have a calmer exam experience in the comfort of their homes. Privacy has an extra advantage while taking the exam. Professionals prefer not to take the exam in busy exam centers but in the privacy of their own offices. Again, exams that are taken on a computer are more comfortable for many people than writing by hand. 

Online Exam Proctoring Systems also has many benefits for organizations. They are saved from serious costs such as paying for exam locations and supervisors. Since such large organizations are not needed, a more effective method of measurement can be ensured by arranging more frequent exams, instead of conventional exams that take a lot of time. Besides, the fact that there is not any physical restriction provides access to more candidates. Especially in recruitment exams, you won’t miss the opportunity to hire potential candidates because of physical conditions. Since it has a control mechanism supported with the online proctoring technology, it also prevents possible violations of rules effectively. The footage that is monitored and recorded is considerably deterrent for violations such as cheating. 

The Main Reasons of the Increase in Demand for Online Exam Proctoring 

Nowadays, the demand for online proctoring systems is on the rise. It is a very challenging task to provide security remotely, especially on online platforms, and this issue has gained even more prominence for many institutions and organizations in the past year. As Test Invite, we anticipated this and started our preparations but the demand increased even more with the pandemic. 

The need for security and certification in online educational institutions is one of the leading motives behind the birth of this demand. The needs such as ensuring the security of the exams, maintaining their integrity, preventing cheating, and providing more flexible environments for the exams have arrived at a solution with the concept of online proctoring. Rechecking and storing the exams has also become so much cheaper and less time-consuming compared to its physical alternatives. 

Another factor regarding the increase in this demand is that the digital environment saves you from physical costs and limitations. Problems concerning the exam rooms, transportation, logistics, and population are no longer a problem thanks to the online proctoring. This also allowed companies to reach a wider network while recruiting employees. An exam method that is flexible and that has no physical limitations increased the demand for these exams. 

What Are The Risks Of Online Exam Proctoring?

The potential risks of online exam monitoring can be divided into two main headings. The first of these is the concern about the use and leakage of personal data of the individuals who take the exam. If online security applications gain permission to intervene with the computer more than necessary, it will not be safe for the user. For this reason, the rules should be established in accordance with the exam requirements and unnecessary intervention should be avoided. With the guarantee of the Test Invite brand, you can avoid such problems by getting online proctoring services to be able to hold examinations safely.

Another risk can be the pressure and negative feelings that can be put on exam takers. They can feel uneasy about being under surveillance or the safety of their personal data. Therefore, creating an environment that is unnecessarily tense before and during the exam should be avoided, and the stress that the whole situation can cause should be minimized. The working principle of Test Invite is not to control all the data and processes by directly accessing them, but to restrict access to an application other than the test interface. Thus, the computer cannot access the data that is not related to the exam. When holding and an exam with Test Invite, explain to the students how this program works and reassure them about it. Since getting anxious about the personal data will directly affect the exam performance in a negative way, removing this concern will help you reach a more accurate measurement.

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