Online Quiz Making with Test Invite

Quiz makers come in all forms. Some are made to check on students’ or employees’ performance while some are basically used for psychology or marketing tests. With the intent of making the whole process easier, the software community has come up with online tools for assessment. This article is focused on our tool, Test Invite, which helps you to create online quizzes and share them easily with your audience.

What is Online Quiz Making?

Online quiz creators allow you to easily create your own quizzes with the opportunity to engage your audience with interesting, interactive, and fun content. You can assess anyone’s knowledge, skills, and competency about any topic with online quiz makers without losing a lot of time, money and without making a lot of effort. These tools allow you to design both simple and complex exams that are also professional with an easy-to-use interface, in a secure environment. Aptitude Tests, Foreign Language Level Tests, Coding Tests, Psychometric Tests, and Cognitive Function Tests are some of the quizzes that you can create using test software.

What Makes Online Quiz Making So Special? 

Online quiz creators provide you with the opportunity to test as many participants as you want since all they need is a device and internet connection to take the exam. These tools also allow you to get the most immediate, accurate, and detailed results without having to grade them manually. 

Especially, companies have started using online quizzes in their recruitment process to assess their future employees’ skills, knowledge, and most importantly compatibility with their company values and culture. Moreover, they use online training tests for onboarding employees concerning their performance management. 

Another reason why online quiz creators are on-demand is that you can provide security and surveillance easier and at a low cost. Not having to be in a certain place such as a classroom, your candidates can take the exam wherever they want, which helps companies or institutions save serious costs. Being free of the physical restrictions makes the exam more accessible and the candidates feel comfortable. Online supervision makes these quizzes highly appealing since the digital environment saves you from physical costs and limitations. We can definitely say flexibility is the biggest advantage of online quizzes.

How Does Test Invite Work?

Test Invite provides you with many features you will need to create professional quizzes online as well as data analysis software for quiz grading. Online quiz creators are supposed to make the testing process easier and faster, however, even with online tools, you may face challenges if they have a complicated system. That’s why Test Invite is designed for easier use to make your experience with exam making more comfortable. You can basically log into Test Invite, create sections for your exams, and then add the questions you have already prepared in your question bank. You can set a time limit to finish the exam, set permissions to go forward or backward during it, shuffle the order of the sections and questions from the pool, determine the points for each question, and lastly get grading reports for all users with our analysis software. 

Our software supports all types of questions including multiple-choice questions, matching, and sorting questions as well as open-ended questions. You can feel free to design your quiz however you wish. Not to mention, audio, video, and images files can be added to make your questions and answers look more interesting and professional. You can inform your audience about the exam rules by adding test instructions before taking the exam. Isn’t it enjoyable and effortless to do all of these in a very short period of time? With Test Invite, you can enjoy your test assessment process and get incredibly accurate and detailed reports. 

Why Choose Test Invite Online Quiz Making Software?

Test Invite’s exam generator software makes sure you have many options to customize your tests. You can adjust all of the features and functionalities of Test Invite according to your needs and wishes. Not only that, you can monitor and supervise the exam live. You can even record the screen activity to check it later on. The screen recording feature ensures security and a cheating-free test environment. We have a wide range of features to control each step of the test. For instance, you can set a certain date and time for the test to be activated. You can decide how many times your audience can take the exam and set various authentication methods. You can set conditions such as taking the test with specific invitation codes, passwords, school IDs, PINs, and employee numbers. You can let your exam takers know everything about the test via sending them an email. 

Test Invite also takes risks into consideration. For example, if the exam taker cannot complete the test for technical reasons which can happen often, it gives them another chance to re-setup the exam and its settings so that they can continue the test from where they left off. Hosting many advanced features, Test Invite is the perfect online quiz maker for you. Choose Test Invite, and create the perfect assessment test in any language you want! All you need is just a few clicks!

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