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What can I achieve with API Integration?

API integration will provide you automated management of your online test processes.

API Integration

If you already have a website, LMS or ATS where you take some actions about your test takers, candidates or students, API integration may be useful for you.
You can connect your internal software, process or program with Test Invite to automatically create tickets and fetch your results back.

Please see below steps about what can be achieved through API integration:

  • Firstly, we recommend learning about the basic aspects of TestInvite. Then the integration becomes very straight forward.

What Basics?

We expect you to know:
1. What is a Task
2. What is a Test
3. What is a Ticket
4. About the different authentication methods a Task provides. 

  • The integration is per Task basis. Each task has a secret key so that you can create new TICKETS by using API POST REQUESTS to the end point.
  • When your ATS, LMS, website or software is making a TICKET CREATION REQUEST, you will provide (regarding your authentication method which can vary from your use case) Invitation Code, 1 or 2 Credentials (like username and password).
  • Once the ticket is created, you can let the user visit the Task URL, directly connect into their exam or submit credentials and start the assessment process.
  • When a test is completed, our end can call your API back to submit the results in a JSON format. Alternatively, you can query the results.

To get more detailed information about our API model, please get in touch with our sales team (

API Integration Process

API integration has a fee of 950 USD / year.
If you are interested, our teams will send you a payment link, once the payment will be processed API documents will be sent to you for necessary integration to be done on your end.
The integration should be managed by your technical team, we can only consult you with your possible questions.

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