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English Level Tests Overview

Online English Level Tests

GELT: Global English Level Test

GELT is an English Level Test developed for non-native English speakers. The Common European Framework, a common evaluation system that has become increasingly widespread since the early 2000s, uses the evaluation and reference system. Test participants are classified into 3 levels and 6 degrees between A1 and C2.

In order to determine the English levels of the applicants in the recruitment processes of companies, GELT; has been developed specifically for the purpose of safe implementation in the online environment.

Test consists of 80 multiple-choice questions that measure grammar, vocabulary, listening and reading. The total duration of the test is 50 minutes but; each page of the exam is presented with a time limit that is specified for small number of questions. The question answered in the GELT cannot be returned.

GELT tests participants by asking systematic/random questions from a question pool consisting of more than 1.000 questions. Questions, order of questions, order of pages and order of options are determined randomly for each candidate. GELT may be taken repeatedly by the same person.

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