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Organization Settings

How to find the Organization Settings:

  1. Click on the Organization tab, located in the main left menu..
  2. Select Settings.

In this page, you can set and change the following options:

  • User Interface Language and Time Zone
    • These settings will be applied to all Users under your Organization, while using Test Invite
  • Reply-to Email Address
    • This will be used as the default reply-to address for the emails that your Organization delivers through Test Invite.
    • For example, if you send an email invitation to a candidate, and the candidate has a question, the email will be delivered to your Reply-to Email Address.
  • Unique Name for Organization:
    • This will be used to create a new and unique web address for your Organization.
    • For instance, if the Unique Name of your Organization is “acme”, the web address for your Organization will be:
  • Allow users signing-up by themselves
    • By enabling this option, non-users can register through your Organization’ URL.
  • Require e-mail address while signing up
    • This will force new users to add an e-mail address to their profile when registering as a new user under your Organization.
  • Default tags for users who sign-up by themselves
    • With this option, you can add tags and filter self-registered users.
    • For detailed information on Tags, please visit: User Tags.

Note: Organization Users can login to Test Invite only through your unique URL address.

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