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Test Editor

Exam Editor is the page where you can edit every detail of an Exam.

The picture above shows the screenshot of the Exam Editor. In order:

  • 1: Exam Name (Title)
  • 2: Section Name (Title)
  • 3: Page Name (Title)
  • 4: Random Page Picker
  • 5: Custom Page Info column
  • 6: Starting Content column
  • 7: Time Limit column
  • 8: Going Forward-Backward column
  • 9: Random sorting column
  • 10: Page Fixing column
  • 11: Page Edit column
  • 12: Settings column
  • 13: Section / Page menu column
  • 14: Add new Page button to Random Page Picker
  • 15: Add new Page to section button
  • 16: Add new section to exam button

Hierarchy (Sections & Pages)

Each exam is divided into sections.

By dividing your exams into sections, the Applicants can take the exams in several parts (reading, comprehension, voice response, etc.).

Each Section also consists of Pages.

Your Contents and Questions will appear on the Pages you create.


A Page belonging to a Section cannot be copied or transferred to another Section.


You can assign Titles to Sections and Pages. With titles :

  • Candidates can see at which section and page they are on during the Exam.
  • You can more easily determine which Applicants were more successful when you are evaluating in the reporting section after the exam .

How to assign a Title to Exams:

  1. Open the Exam from the Exam Editor.
  2. Click the gear icon in the top right row ,
  3. The Exam Settings window will open.
  4. Type the Title you want in Title field and press Save.


Sections and Pages are listed as they appear in the Exam Editor during the exam by default.

You can change the order of a Section or a Page by clicking the 3 dots in their rows.

Going Forward – Backward

You can determine in detail how candidates can move between sections and pages during the exam.

By default, they are allowed to go back and forth during the exam.

Going Forward – Backward Settings in Sections and Pages are described in more detail on their pages.


If a Section or a Page has a time limit, then the Applicant cannot go back to those once they finish them.

Time Limit

You can add Time Limits to your exams.

With Time Limits, you can determine how much time an Applicant can spend on a given Page, Section or Exam.

Seconds to Minutes

Time Limits are set in seconds.

When you type a number in the Time Limit field, the minute value of this second value is written just below the field.

Example minutes as seconds:

1 minute – 60 seconds

3 minutes – 180 seconds

5 minutes – 300 seconds

10 minutes – 600 seconds

15 minutes – 900 seconds

20 minutes – 1200 seconds

30 minutes – 1800 seconds

45 minutes – 2700 seconds

60 minutes – 3600 seconds

90 minutes – 5400 seconds

How the Time Limit Works

The shortest time limit that you setup in a hierarchy is the basis.

Example #1

  • After setting a 40-minute time limit for a one-part exam,
    • If you set the time limit to 10 minutes,
  • The exam will end automatically after 10 minutes.

Example #2

  • After you set the time limit of an exam to 40 minutes,
    • Even you separately set the time limit of each Section within the Exam to 50 minutes each,
  • At the end of 40 minutes, the exam will end automatically.

Example #3

  • When the time limit of a section is 10 minutes,
    • and the time limits of the pages within are 5 minutes each,
  • then each Applicant can spend up to 5 minutes on a page,
    • Even if the Applicant completed some pages in less than 5 minutes,
  • Or even if it takes more than 5 minutes to reach the last page of the section.
    • At the end of 5 minutes, the browser will automatically move to the next page.

How to add a Time Limit to Exams:

  1. Open the Exam with Exam Editor
  2. Click the gear icon from the top right row,
  3. The Exam Settings window will open.
  4. At the bottom right, click to switch No Time Limit.
  5. The default is 3600 seconds.
  6. Change the time limit as desired and press Save.

Exam Preview

You can preview how your exams will be seen by Applicants.

To preview, click the red eye icon at the top right of the Exam Editor.

You can see how your pages will look in the Exam and how your Time Limits will work by using this feature.


If you only want to preview the page you are designing, you only need to check the Preview box at the top of the Page Editor.

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