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Types of Questions and Common Features

There are 3 main types of questions you can create with the Test Invite Exam Builder:

  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Matching & Ranking Questions
  • Open-ended Questions (subdivided)

The common features of all questions are:

  • Title of the Questions: In this section , question contentfeedback content and reporting name are entered using the rich content editor. The rich editor has features such as simple text, rich (formatted) text, audio file, video and image adding.
  • Question Points and Dimensions : In this section, the default point values that the question will take in the exam are entered.
  • Folder and Tags : In this section, it is determined which folder the question will be stored in the question bank and which tags will be associated with it.

To add a new question to the Question Bank, go to your Question Bank and click the + icon.

Content Groups, on the other hand , allow you to group and store questions and content together. For example, a reading track and 5 related questions can be stored with a single content group.

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