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Exam Invitation E-mails

Sending Invitation Emails

You can send customized invitation emails to each candidate to invite them to the exam processes you have prepared. In this email contents:

  • You can type any text.
  • You can address each candidate with his/her name and surname.
  • You can transfer any information such as username, password, invitation code, etc. that each candidate can access to the exam with.

Tracking the Sent Emails

All the emails that are sent via Test Invite Email Invitation module are automatically tracked. For each email sent to each candidate, you can access to the information about:

  • • Was the email sent successfully?
  • Did the email arrive?
  • Is the email opened? (How many times?)
  • Is the address/link in the email clicked? (How many times?)

Sending Future Dated Email

You can set up an email to be sent at a future date and time. For example, if the exam starts at 10.00 am on April 15, you can set up the email invitations to be sent at 09.45.

Adding E-Mail

How to add a new E-mail

  1. Go to E-mails tab of your Task,
  2. Press the red circle on the left side of the tab,
  3. Send New E-mail page will open. Define the recipients section will appear:
    1. Enter E-mail and Name information for each Applicant.
    2. Click on plus icon at the right of the Name field each time.
  4. Write the subject and the body of the e-mail section will appear.
    1. This section is for E-mail template design. You can edit the Subject and Body of the E-mails you want to send.
    2. This E-mail can be individualized for each Applicant by using common elements.
    3. Click to blue circles with white plus signs next to each text areas to see the common elements you can use:
      1. Task URL: link of the Task
      2. Task Title: name of the Task
  • Invitation Code: unique Invitation Code of each Applicant set in Tickets tab.
  1. Name: name of the Applicant.
  2. Username: username of the Applicant.
  3. Credential 1 & 2: unique Credential information of each Applicant used during login.
  • Task Link: a button for the Applicant to click to go to link of the Task (this option is only available for E-mail body section.).
  1. You can save your templates to use them again later:
    1. Check the Save as a template box.
    2. Template Name dropdown box will appear. Enter the name you want.
  2. Below this section, you can see Preview the e-mail you are about to send section to preview your e-mail draft,
  3. If all is OK, then use the Schedule Delivery Date & Send section to schedule a sending date and time for your E-mail(s):
    1. Sender name: Name of the Organization or Administrator of Exam
    2. Schedule a Date: Enter here the date and time (Example: 2018-12-20 14:00) for when you want the E-mail(s) to be sent out.
    3. Reply-to E-mail Address: This is the e-mail address to which the Applicants can send their replies.
  4. Finally, you can save your scheduled sents by clicking on Send X E-Mail.
    1. You can change the schedule and the emails before they are sent out.
    2. Once the E-mails are sent, then you cannot edit them.

You can send E-mails to multiple Applicants at the same time.

The common elements that you selected to use in Subject and Body sections will only work correctly if those elements were set correctly for each Applicant.

For Example, if you haven’t set a Credential for some of the Applicants while you have set for set for some, then if you use the Credential 1 common element, then those parts will be written as “Credential 1” to the Applicants who have that field blank.

Creating E-Mails from Tickets

How to create an E-mail from a Ticket:

  1. Go to Tickets tab of your Task,
  2. Select the Tickets.
  3. Click the E-Mail icon above Rooms list.
  4. E-mail Editor will open. You can edit the sections as you like and schedule accordingly.

Creating E-Mails from Rooms

How to create an E-mail from a Room:

  1. Go to Rooms tab of your Task,
  2. Select the Rooms.
  3. Click the E-Mail icon above Tickets list.
  4. E-mail Editor will open. You can edit the sections as you like and schedule accordingly.
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