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Listing and Selecting Questions

Listing questions

After selecting the desired folder and tags in the question bank , when you click List the Questions, the system will list the questions you have found in pages.

Determining the number of questions displayed on a page: If you want to see how many questions are displayed on each page, you can make the corresponding selection in the upper right corner.

Determining the number of questions displayed on a page.

Selecting Questions

You can select one or more questions by ticking the box to the left of each question. By selecting the questions collectively:

  • You can update all selected questions collectively.
  • You can delete all selected questions collectively.

If you click Select All ,all questions displayed on the page are selected only. If you click Clear Selection, all questions displayed on the page are removed from the selected list only.

You can go back and forth between the pages, the choices you have made will remain stored. However, if you update the listing (updating your folder or tag selection), the selected list of questions will reset.

For example,

  • The first page has 10 questions
  • The second page has 5 questions

While in this situation; by selecting 3 questions from the first page , you can proceed to the second page and select 2 more questions from the second page. In this way, you will have chosen a total of 5 questions .

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