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How To Add New Folder and Tag to The Question Bank?

Folders and tags in the question bank are created/deleted and administered automatically by the system. You don’t need to add or delete a folder or tag.

All you need to do is to type any folder name and add any combination of tags while your create or edit a question.

Adding Step By Step Folders and Tags to The Question

You use Question Editor to create or edit your question. Click on the Folder tab in this editor.

On the screen, you can type any folder name in the Folder section or select one of the existing folders. (The system lists the existing folder names.) If you type a new folder name, the system automatically creates the new folder when you save the question.

You can apply the same method for tags. You can add any tags to the question on the same screen. Again, the system lists the tags you used previously for the folder you selected. However, you can also create a completely new tag.

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