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Creating Multiple Tickets

As described in the Tickets section, the Ticket Generated must be compatible with the Authentication Method you specify in the Access Settings of the Task. Similarly, the Tickets Import Editor works in line with your choice of Authentication Method.

To open the Tickets Import Editor, in the Task Editor, scroll to the Tickets tab and click the  icon. Click on Import Tickets from the drop-down menu.

The Ticket Import Editor, opens a text area. Here is were we are going to create multiple tickets. Each line of the text area creates a unique and different Ticket. Each line contains the user information separated by commas (example: name, email address, etc.).

The next step is to determine what each information refers to.

And finally, in the third and last step, we can preview and check the data we have entered for the tickets.

The Tickets Export Editor works in accordance with the Authentication Method you have selected.

Now, let’s see 3 examples for 3 different cases:

1) Authentication Method with Invitation Code

You can enter a list with one Username on each row.

Simon Sara
Albert Einstein

If you want to add users’ E-mail addresses to tickets, you can enter the Username and E-mail address separated by commas on each line, as follows:

Simon Sara,
Albert Einstein,

Similarly, if you want to add user groups to Tickets, you can enter the Username, the E-mail address and the Group, separated by commas on each line, as follows:

Simon Sara,, GroupA
Albert Einstein,, GroupB

In the next step, set the name of column 3 as “group“.

2) Authentication Method Asking 1 Credential

Let’s assume that the Credential 1 Name is PIN Code.

You can enter a list in each line, separated by commas, by entering the PIN code and the Username.

111, Simon Sara
222, Albert Einstein

You can add the E-mail address to the tickets to be transferred in column 3:

111, Simon Sara,
222, Albert Einstein,

3) Authentication Method Asking 2 Credentials

Let’s assume that you set the Credential 1 Name as Username and the Credential 2 Name as Password.

Enter the UsernamePasswordFull Name of the user, separated by a comma in each line:

simon, gDs44bdW, Simon Sara
albert, t644eDrvB, Albert Einstein

You can add e-mail address to column 4 for the tickets to be transferred:

simon, gDs44bdW, Simon Sara,
albert, t644eDrvB, Albert Einstein,

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