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Content Groups

The Content Group allows you to group questions and content. You can access your content groups by clicking Content Groups on your Question Bank page.

Content groups are used intensively for 2 purposes:

  • You may want to retain content by associating it with many questions . In this case, saving your questions to the question bank one by one will not be the right approach because the questions lose their meanings without the relevant content.

For example, English Reading Questions generally consist of many questions that follow a reading track. You can save the related reading part by making a content group with related questions.

  • If you are adding the same questions to your exams over and over again, you can group these questions into a group of content. When preparing an exam, adding content groups directly to a page in your exam can speed you up.

A content group is saved under the Content Groups Folder. You can choose one or more folders or create a new folder name when creating the content group.

With the Content Group Editor , you can do the following:

  • You can add it to the content group by creating a new question.
  • You can add a question in the question bank to the content group.
  • You can add content material.

You can access the Content Groups you have registered by ticking the relevant folders.

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