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Webcam Surveillance

Webcam Surveillance improves Exam Security and allows you to establish the identity of the participant and see the environment in which they take the exam (confirm they are alone for example). Camera Surveillance is needed especially if participants are going to take the exam in an uncontrolled environment.

Webcam Surveillance offers 2 different options:

  • Taking pictures during the exam: 3 pictures per minute are taken.
  • Recording video during the exam: The user’s videos are recorded as one minute clips during the exam.

In Photo and Video surveillance methods, the user must have a Webcam to start the exam and the Exam System must allow access to the Webcam. The required permissions are automatically requested by the Exam System.

Photos and videos recorded during the exam can be viewed simultaneously (live) or at the end of the exam.

You can select the surveillance method of your preference on the Exam Settings page of the relevant exam, in the Task Editor.

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