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Time Limits

Test Invite Exam Editor allows you to set time limit at three different levels. The time limit gives a limited time for the relevant part during which the counter counts down and the remaining time is displayed on the screen.

  1. Time Limit for the Exam: The exam must be completed within the time specified. If the participant does not finish the exam within the time specified, the exam automatically ends.
  2. Time Limit for the Sections: Time limit can be specified for each section. If the time limit is specified, the section must be completed within the specified time. If the section is not finished within the specified time, the section automatically ends and the next section is automatically starts.
  3. Time Limit for the Pages: Each page can be given a time limit. If a time limit is specified on a page, questions must be completed within the specified time. When the time limit of the page is over, the answers already given are accepted and next page starts.

When you enter informational content at the beginning of the exam sections, the time limit starts after reading the content.

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