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Exam Results Report

Exam Report consists of 5 parts:

  • Summary: It shows the summary of the exam results together with graphic representations.
  • Information: Information and logs about the exam session are shown.
  • Scores: Subgroup results for the exam results are shown.
  • Answers: The Exam Sheet is shown with the answers given by the user.
  • Monitoring: Photos and recorded videos taken during the exam are shown.

On the 6th tab, RE-SETUP EXAM tab, you can reinstate the exam so that the participant can continue by re-accessing the exam in accordance with your settings. Visit the Exam Reinstating page for more detailed information.

At the top of the SUMMARY section, which is the 1st tab, you will see two choices of Exam Months you have made for the relevant task step in Exam Process Management: Your Reporting and Logging choices.

Exam Summary Report

Sections in Exam Summary Report:

  • Participant information: Name of the person taking the exam, e-mail address, tags (if any), invitation code, etc. are shown.
  • Customized Reporting Title (if any): If a customized reporting title specific to the exam is defined, it is shown in this section. (Different for each exam)
  • Score Card: Summary of participant’s exam success is shown:
    • Number and rates of the questions answered correctly, answered incorrectly and left blank,
    • Scores and percentage success scores obtained from the entire exam and from each part of it
  • Comparison Card (if available): Indicates the user’s success (rank/position) relative to a community.

The following Score Frequency Histogram gives the distribution of the success achieved by the group in the relevant exam.

Printing The Exam Summary Report

You can print the Exam Summary Report or print out the PDF by clicking on the icon  at the top right of the page.

Below you can find sample Exam Summary Report Outputs:

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