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Screen Recording Surveillance

Screen Recording Surveillance improves Exam Security by enabling you to get information about what the candidate is doing on the screen of the device on which he or she takes the exam, whether a window other than the exam screen is opened or whether an application, program is used. For example in an exam with full screen mode is on, if the candidate exits full screen and takes other actions, you can display it by enabling screen recording.

Screen Recording Surveillance works with 2 different options:

  • Screenshots can be taken: 3 screenshots per minute are taken as photos.
  • The entire screen can be recorded as video: During the exam, the entire screen is recorded in one minute video clips.
Selecting the screen capture surveillance method in exam settings.

To take a screen-monitored exam, a browser that supports screen recording is required. Current versions of modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera on desktop and laptop computers support screen capturing.

All videos and photos recorded during the exam can be viewed simultaneously (live) by proctors or at the end of the exam, the relevant records can be accessed in the monitoring section of the exam report.

Screen capturing material in the monitoring section of the exam report.

You can specify which surveillance method to take the exam with, on the Exam Settings page of the relevant exam in the Task Editor.

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