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How to fix the scores of test questions after the test has been delivered?

To ensure security and reliability, when an exam starts, questions are locked and results are generated at the end of the exam. The data produced by the system is encrypted and the scores for delivered exams cannot be altered, which means you can trust that the answers we give you are accurate.

We do not provide a way to change these results through the application. Scores can only be updated on request, with the help of our technical team.

200 system credits + 2 system credits per test instance (result) will be deducted for those test results to be fixed.

At the time of taking the exam, the questions in the Test must be linked to the Question Bank.
Results for questions that are created directly into the Test cannot be updated.


  1. Update the questions in the Question Bank and the Test with the correct answer and points.
  2. Send an email to with the following subject: FIX DELIVERED TEST RESULTS
    • Include the Task ID and Session IDs* of the results that need to be fixed. Specify if all results within the Task need to be fixed, if so, it’s not necessary to include Session ID’s.
    • Write approval for deducting initial 200 system credits + 2 system credits per test instance.
  3. After confirmation, the technical team will run the script to recalculate the scores.
  4. Initial 200 system credits + 2 credits per test instance will be deducted from your account.
  5. Check the Task to see the fixed scores.

*NOTE: To download the Session IDs of the results needing to be updated, you can simply select the respective results and click the Simple Export Button. You can share this file with the technical team. Learn how.

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