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Random Question Selection

Asking Random Questions in the Exam by Creating a Question Pool from Question Bank

Selecting a Random Question from the Question Bank

In an exam, you can select random questions from the question pool so that everyone taking the exam is asked different questions.

  • You can add a random question selection from a specified question pool to a page in the exam.
  • You can select random questions from the designated question pool and automatically present these selected questions on several pages.

Intelligent Question Selection Algorithm

  • If you make a “random question selection” from the question bank several times in an exam, it is ensured that the same questions are not selected when making a selection (if possible). For example, if you set up 5 questions to be selected twice from a set of 20 questions, a total of 10 different questions will be selected from 20 questions.
  • Even if you are practicing “random question selection” once in an exam, if the user has already taken the same exam, the system will give priority to select “questions other than randomly selected questions” for the exam of the relevant user.
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