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Sections and Pages

Dividing the Exam into Sections and Pages

You can create a single-part or multiple-part exam with Test Invite Exam Editor. Each section consists of pages. In this context, you can make available that the exam is taken in several parts by grouping the sections and pages. You can add unlimited sections to an exam and unlimited pages to each section.


An exam may consist of many sections. Each section may have pages as many as you want.

Informing at the Beginning of the Section

You can provide informing texts about sections to the people taking the exam before starting each section. Pictures, audio and video files can be displayed in this information text. If the section has a time limit, its period does not start on the information page at the beginning of the section. Section time limit starts after finishing the information page.

Taking a Break between Sections

If you set time limits for each section, the user must finish the relevant sections within the specified time. However, the user may take breaks between sections and continue another time (day). In addition to section time limits, you can specify the total time that the user can spend on the exam with a time limit to be applied throughout the exam.


Pages may contain one or more questions and as many content as you want. Therefore, you can present multiple questions on a screen by combining them with contents.

For example, suppose that you want to prepare an exam with 100 questions. You may want the person to take the exam with 10 questions on each page. In this way, you can present 100 questions in 10 pages with 10 questions per page.

Section and Page Success Scores

Sections and pages refer to the parts in which success scores (apart from exam success score) are also calculated automatically. When the exam finishes, the success scores for the sections and pages is calculated automatically as well as the exam success score of the person taking the exam. While the success score of the exams covers the scores gained from all the questions in the exam, section success score shows only the scores gained from the questions in the section and the page success score shows the score gained from the questions on the page.

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