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Which audio file types can be uploaded into questions?

When preparing a question, an audio file can be added into the question using the rich content editor. In the editor, you can click on the musical note icon Button for uploading audio files from device or the internet to see the options to add audio files.

Adding audio files into a question using the rich content editor
Audio file upload button in question editing page

You can click on the UPLOAD tab to use a file from your own device. Clicking on SELECT FILE will let you browse your device.

Uploading an audio file into exam software with control options

The file types supported by Test Invite Exam Software include but not limited to:

BrowsersSupported File Types
FirefoxMP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC, OPUS, ACC*
*The file length preview (e.g. 0:27) can be misrepresented. Please play the file on a local media player program such as VLC or Windows Media Player, then press play in Test Invite to confirm the length of the file you choose.
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