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Authentication for Exam Protection

Accessible Exams with Username and Password

You may require a username and password to enter an exam process. For a process designed in this way, you will first need to transfer valid usernames and passwords to the system. In this case, only the person, who correctly typed the username and password you created, will be accepted to the exam.

Even though it is a common practice; the system does not require you to request for username and password for recognition. You can use other information as well to recognize the participant. For instance:

  • E-mail and password
  • ID Number and password
  • ID Number and Generation Number
  • Employee Number and password
  • Student Number and password
  • Application Tracking Number and password

Access to the Exams with Organization User Accounts

If the people taking the exam are generally the same people, you can create user accounts for your organization for once instead of constantly transferring usernames and passwords. Once you create user accounts for the organization, you can grant access for each exam process by selecting the users you want. In this case, each user can gain access to the exam by logging in with their own username and password.

This feature is generally used by educational institutions and companies that conduct exams for their employees.

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